Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Gift Wrapping Ideas

I've had a lot of birthdays to attend recently and birthdays=gifts. Good thing I enjoy gift wrapping. A nicely wrapped gift really says a lot. Of course you could always just buy a gift bag and throw the gift in there with some tissue paper but taking the time to gift wrap (and trust me, depending on what you're trying to wrap, it can take a really long time) just seems more thoughtful. Here are some simple ideas that people really enjoy:

I did this for a co-worker a while ago. Adding flowers to the box was a nice touch. In this case, I used mini calla lillies. She loved it :)

This was for my sister's birthday. Stacking gifts is always fun because I can use an assortment of wrapping paper. Good for if you really need to get rid of some paper (so you have more room for new ones). It's usually nice to have the papers match or have some sort of drastic contrast (but don't make it ugly...)

This was for my boss's son's 1st birthday. The cute tiger was from Target. I know he turned one and was probably too busy trying to go into to the pool than notice my gift but everyone else at the party loved it and I got compliments all day.

This was for a friend's newborn baby. The bear peeking out is actually a rattle that I tied to the bow. Makes a cute ornament for the gift and is useful for later!

Some pointers if you want to stock up on gift wrap:

Make sure you check out Target (my favorite!) after Christmas. I usually stock up then for the year(s). Try to pick some that are neutral (i.e. doesn't have christmas trees or snowflakes) so that you can use it year-round. Costco also has some great rolls that will last you forever. Some of the Costco ones are reversible so it's like you get two wrapping papers in one!

Happy wrapping!

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