Thursday, June 4, 2009

Simple Boutonnieres

People always think that floristry is really fun...which it is. But I'm not going to lie, there is a lot of work involved when dealing with flowers. Unfortunately, when I picked up my flowers from the wholesalers, they don't come striped, wired and taped. Just ask my friend (and boss) Kathleen! . When she was interviewing for help, she got a lot of "I don't know anything about flowers but I am a fast learner" people. Flowers can be simple to do but there IS a correct way to tape, wire and put this stuff together. When doing weddings, we are helping people celebrate one of the happiest days of their lives. We definitely do not take this lightly (mainly because we do not want screaming brides who want changes at the last minute).

As wedding season goes on, I will hopefully get to share with you my work. Please feel free to email me any questions. I am more than happy to offer any advice!

I believe these orange roses are "Tropical Amazones".
  • Tropical Amazone with white statice. The boutonniere has a bow because it was for a female (similar to a pin on corsage, but smaller and less elaborate).
  • Isn't the flower beautiful? I love it when roses open like that.
  • The boutonniere for the groomsmen were very simple, just a rose with a lemon leaf backing.

  • The groom's boutonniere was a white vendula rose with lemon leaf backing. At the tip of my roses I like to do a little swirl. These boutonnieres are all wrapped with floral tape which comes in an array of colors. Other options are available such as ribbon or wire but floral tape is definitely the most simple (and probably cheapest)
  • Boutonniere for one of the ladies in the groom's family.
  • Boutonniere for one of the gentlemen in the groom's family. Similar to the ladies one except with no bow. Both boutonnieres were a single vendula with green hypericum berries.

  • Ring bearer's boutonniere. Green mum with hypericum berries. For the ring bearer's, it's usually best to choose smaller flowers since it is usually for someone small :) Any "mini" flower (calla lily, daisy, etc) or spray/sweetheart roses are usually good. Also, if you are putting this on someone younger than 5, I recommend using a safety pin as opposed to the pin with the pearl on the end for safety reasons!


  1. how much will it cost for you to make me a nice floral arrangement for my dining room table or living room? plastic flowers, so they last forever please. but they have to look real. haha

  2. those tropical amazons are so pretty..